Do you lie about your cooking skills?

Do your friends and even family members think you're a great cook...even though you're not! Maybe it started out innocently served a store bought dip but claimed it was your own or used a recipe on the back of a soup can and told people it was an old family secret. Are you the one who orders in food and then transfers it onto your nice dishes and doesn't say a word when someone pays you a compliment on how great everything tastes? Or maybe you "borrow" a recipe from a cookbook and claim it as your own when you bring it to a friend's get-together? Do you buy brownies from the store and then neatly place them into your baking pan before bringing them to your child's bake sale...if they're in your baking pan then that means that they're homemade, right? If the guilt is getting to be too much and you're ready to confess, we want to hear from you!