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Thursday: Our Cinco de Mayo Celebration With 'Captain America: Civil War's' Paul Bettany & 'Hot Bench' Judge Patricia DiMango

MAY 2 - MAY 6, 2016

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'NCIS: LA' Star Chris O'Donnell's Go-To Dance Moves & Our First-Ever Battle of the Organizers

“NCIS: Los Angeles” star Chris O’Donnell gets personal with a round of “Pop the Question” as he reveals the one movie that makes him cry, and what his go-to dance moves are! Later, Peter Walsh meets his match in an organizing tip-off with the author of “The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up” Marie Kondo – will he defeat the so-called “most organized woman in the world”?! And, Rach is cooking up Nacho Burgers for dinner tonight.


Can Celeb Couples Ditch Their Annoying Habits in Our Newest Human Lab? Plus, 'The Americans' Matthew Rhys

Three of our celeb buddy couples participate in our all-new Human Lab: Pet Peeves edition. Bill Bellamy, Gretta Monahan, Mally Roncal and their significant others test out products that claim to remedy some major pet peeves – can these gadgets fix their annoying habits like nail biting and losing cell phones? Father-to-be Matthew Rhys also stops by and spills the details about what it’s like planning for baby with girlfriend Keri Russell. What’s for dinner tonight? Rach is cooking up Pub Cheeseburgers with bacon!


Celebrity Cooking School With 'Empire's' Jussie Smollett, Two NFL Stars & Chef Curtis Stone


Our Cinco de Mayo Celebration With 'Captain America: Civil War's' Paul Bettany & 'Hot Bench' Judge Patricia DiMango

Rach and her husband John kick off their Cinco de Mayo fiesta with a festive margarita, and here to join Rach at the kitchen table is actor Paul Bethany! The party continues with “Hot Bench” Judge Patricia DiMango who turns the tables on our audience in a game called “You Be the Judge.” What’s for dinner tonight? Rach cooks up a Los Angeles-inspired brunch: bacon-wrapped avocado with poached eggs and warm pico de gallo!


Donnie Wahlberg's Mother's Day Surprise for a Super Fan! Plus, Eric Stonestreet, His Mother & a Pasta Perfect for Mom

It’s Mother’s Day and “Modern Family’s” Eric Stonestreet is here with his own mother who’s spilling all his secrets! Donnie Wahlberg has a huge Mother’s Day surprise for one super fan, and Rach cooks up a springtime pasta supper perfect for mom.