Thinking about sending us some video? We'd love to see it! Whether you have a tip or trick, your pet does something really cute or you want to ask Rach a question, we've got some ideas that'll help your video look its best!

  • Our first choice format for video is mini DV, second choice is High 8, third choice is DVD.
  • Please frame your shot so we see your head and shoulders. If we can see all the your head and the whole top half of your body, tighten up your shot.
  • Show your personality on tape; be fun and conversational, just like Rachael. Practice in the mirror a couple of times so you have a sense of what to do. Don’t be afraid to get creative. Be as visual as you can.
  • Also, be concise…we’re thinking one or two minutes tops!
  • Wear solid colors for these tapes, and make sure your clothes don’t have any logos on them. Be aware that this tape may end up on TV, so spruce yourself up (hair and makeup!) like you’re going out on the town.
  • Shoot the tape in front of a colored background, not a plain white wall. A pattern is fine as long as it’s not distracting (like, a bookcase or kitchen is great.)
  • Make sure there aren’t any logos or licensed material (like movie posters) in the background. (Shooting outside is fine if it’s during the day, and quiet.)
  • Make sure you’re a few feet in front of your background, not stuck right up against it. There shouldn’t be movement in this background.
  • Make sure there’s no music or TV on in the background while you’re taping.
  • Once you've got the camera set up and the background’s ready to roll, record your information once directly to camera, as if you are talking to Rachael. We’re looking for Rach type energy in your delivery, so have fun with it!
  • If you’re telling a story, or giving a tip, shoot video that illustrates the point you’re making. If it’s cooking related, shoot video of what you’re describing; if you’re asking a question about something in your home, please shoot the “something” in question, from several angles.
  • Once you’re done, CHECK THE TAPE to make sure it’s lit so we can see you, and that your audio is clear.
  • Please include a little summary of what’s on your tape, and your contact info, in writing with the tape you send.
  • If your video makes it to air, we will need a release from you, and from anyone else in the tape, so try to limit participation to immediate family members if possible to simplify getting releases. Do not put anyone in the video who does not want to be shown on television (this includes children whose parents may not be willing to sign a consent form).
  • We will contact you if we are considering your video for show, unfortunately because of the volume of videos we receive, we cannot get in touch with everyone who sends a video, and we cannot return videos.
  • Send your video to:

    Rachael Ray
    328 8th Avenue
    P.O. Box 149
    New York, NY 10001